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Academic Counseling for children with migrant biography 2023

Collaboration Bridges for Tomorrow with Sistema Cyprus

Offers music education to the children and young people of Cyprus, including migrants, refugees and children and young people with fewer opportunities, and ensures that these groups are respected, recognised, and included in the society.
Focused on the personal development of its participants focusing primarily on empowerment and helping them in reaching their full potential.

I am thrilled to have private instrumental lessons because they provide me with a personalized learning experience tailored to my musical goals and abilities. I find private lessons extremely useful as they allow me to have one-on-one attention from my instructor, focusing on my specific strengths and areas of improvement and greatly enhance my technical skills and musicality. Private lessons have been highly beneficial for my future music studies since they have enabled me to develop a strong foundation and understanding of my instrument, which will undoubtedly contribute to my success in pursuing music at a higher level. 

(C, 16 years old)

Having private lessons makes me feel like I have the chance to achieve my dream of becoming a cellist. I can call having private lessons to have a lot of benefits, for example finishing all the solos a cellist has to know for university with the help of my teacher. I’m forever grateful for having the chance to have private lessons.

(S, 16 years old)

Ι feel very happy that Ι get to do extra lessons to improve at my instrument and my music theory. Τhey are very beneficial because those stuff that Ι learn Ι will for sure need them when Ι go to a higher level specially because I am aiming it as a possible job.

(G, 17 years old)